Thursday, 11 August 2011

The beginning...

Every journey has a beginning.  My journey began with a headache.  A headache that led to a CTScan, to a MRI and to a Cerebral Angiogram.  A headache that led to a diagnosis of an
Arteriovenous Malformation in the left frontal lobe of my brain.
 Basically an AVM is a tangle of veins that doesn't belong. They are very serious and very rare. An estimated 1% of the population. Over time they become weak and rupture. They are commonly discovered after a stroke or during an autopsy.  I am very lucky.

When a major health crisis interrupts your life you rethink everything.....

What can I do to help myself heal?  What changes do I need to make to become healthier?
What are my beliefs and values?  Do I honour them?
Have I been a good daughter, sister, and friend?
Does my husband know how much I love him?  Does he know how grateful I am to have him in my life?  Does he know that I think he is an amazing father?
Am I a good parent?  Am I engaged enough? Am I raising my children to be resilient? 
Am I living my life with purpose and meaning?  Could I be doing more?
Am I surrounding myself with people that make me happy?  Am I making them happy?
What is really important to me and my family?  What changes need to be made?

As I adjust to my "new normal" I look for and find something that makes me happy everyday. Sometimes its simple things like the wind blowing the clothes on the line.  Sometimes it's the knowledge that I have made a difference.  Today is was starting this blog with the support and encouragement of my friends.


  1. Stephanie what a wonderful idea you have initiated. This is so important for you BUT it also really enables your family and friends to keep abreast of your journey. I look forward to following your Blog and your good news in three years time.

  2. Hi Stephanie
    This is Jen's Mum, here for a couple of days, saying thanks for your story on the blog and wishing you continued success in your healing and new life journey.It was nice to remember you at Chase with Wendy and Charlotte and all the others enjoying the space you created. Thanks from ten years later.
    We are back in kingston, the town in which I grew up, happy to be joining life-long friends in retirement.